Dublin, Ohio Field of Corn

June 2, 2009

Not your everyday cornfield!

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The one time location of just an ordinary cornfield, this art display in Dublin Ohio is anything but ordinary. Located in northwest Columbus, Ohio on the corner of Frantz and Rings roads, 109 people-sized ears of corn are arranged in rows across the field.

Each one of the ears is identical, made of concrete and white in color. They certainly aren’t your typical ears of corn, made even more distinctive since they look like corn on the cob. Each ear was constructed off site by pouring concrete into polyurethane molds. They were then brought to the field and placed atop concrete foundations. The last step of the project was to plant Osage trees along one side of the field.

The Dublin Arts Council asked an artist named Malcolm Cochran to design the project. Cochran intended the field to remind residents of the area’s rich agricultural history. It also serves as a memorial for Sam Frantz, the inventor of hybrid corns who farmed the location from 1935 to 1963. The Osage trees along the one side of the field were planted to one day replace the mature remnants of 19th century hedgerow planting, in addition to providing shade for visitors. More recently, the field has become a laughing stock due to its absurdity, as the areas around it have become more developed. It is now intermingled with residential housing and office buildings, which makes it stick out even more! Funded by taxpayer dollars, not everyone has been so amused but it definitely deserves a second look!



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